Order combined contraceptive pill

A blood pressure reading is two numbers. We need to know this as the combined pill can sometimes cause a small increase in blood pressure. Therefore, if you already have high blood pressue it would be unsafe to take the combined pill. If you have high blood pressure, you will still be able to complete this order form, but before your oral contraception is prescribed, an SH:24 clinician will call you to discuss. Find out how to take your own blood pressure reading here.

We use this information to check that you are eligible for this service. We will never share this information without your consent.

SH:24 is currently only available in some parts of the UK. We use your postcode to check this, and to make sure that your oral contraception is sent to the right address. We will never share this information without your consent.

We use this information to help us understand how people choose oral contraception. All usage data is anonymous. We will never share personal details without your consent. Common names for the combined pill include: Microgynon, Rigevidon, Yasmin and Loestrin 30.

If you don't know the name of the pill you have taken, but think you might be able to recognise the packet, follow these links to find it and see whether it is a combined pill or progestogen only pill (POP).

In the future we will offer repeat prescriptions for oral contraception. We will need to know if you have ordered from SH:24 before to allow us to direct you to a shorter order form. We will ask you to confirm some of your details and let us know if your health or contact and delivery details have changed since your last order.

It is important that you read and understand these before you use SH:24.

Your health may be at risk if you provide inaccurate answers. We are here to help you get a BP reading, understand a previous reading and ensure we prescribe the pill safely. Text 07860 041 233 to talk to our clinical team.

  • order the progestogen only pill instead as you do not need to provide a blood pressure reading
  • buy a blood pressure monitor, find out how to take your own blood pressure reading here
  • contact your local pharmacy - pharmacies commonly offer blood pressure monitoring as part of their NHS role
  • contact your GP (this is likely to be difficult at the moment because of Covid-19, so should probably be the last thing you try). GPs often have blood pressure monitoring machines in their waiting rooms.