Sexual health 24/7

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SH:24 provides free and confidential sexual and reproductive health services 24 hours a day.

Home STI test kit delivery

Discreet service

Your test, treatment or contraceptive pills will arrive in a plain envelope. It will contain everything you need to freepost your samples to our lab, take treatment or use contraception effectively. When using our STI testing service, your details will not appear on any of the samples as we pre-label your samples with a unique code.

Talk to us by text

Our team of expert sexual and reproductive health clinicians are available to support and advise you.

We will update you by text when your order has been dispatched and when your test samples have been received at the lab.

We can support you by text or by phone to complete your test, take treatment or contraceptive pills effectively.

You can text us back anytime or request a call back from one of our clinicians.

Let's Talk podcast

Medical evidence doesn’t always match up with women's everyday experiences - so we’re on a mission to change the conversation about our sexual health. In this pilot episode, we put women’s voices alongside clinical research to challenge what we’ve been taught about contraception. Find us on Spotify and iTunes

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Accessing our services

SH:24 is commissioned to deliver sexual and reproductive health services in many areas across the UK in partnership with the NHS. We are actively working with NHS Trusts and Local Authorities across the UK to improve access to our service.

SH:24 is currently available in over15 areas. If you would like SH:24 to be made available in your area, let us know by submitting your postcode below:

You can also let us know by email or text message:

07860 041 233