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Emergency contraception

Take emergency contraception up to 5 days after sex to prevent pregnancy.

Combined pill

The combined pill contains a mix of 2 hormones. Taken correctly, it’s over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.

Progestogen only pill

The progestogen only pill is safe for most people to take. It's taken everyday and contains just 1 hormone.

Vaginal ring

The ring sits inside the vagina and can be worn for 3 weeks at a time. It uses a combination of 2 hormones to prevent pregnancy.

Contraceptive patch

The patch uses a combination of 2 hormones. It sticks to your skin and can be worn for a week before you need to replace it.

Sayana Press injection

Sayana Press is a contraceptive injection you can give yourself, at home. You need a new injection every 13 weeks. We can only send Sayana Press to people who have used it before.

Our contraception service is free, simple and discreet.

Just complete our form and answer a few questions about your health. Then our prescribing team will review and approve your order. Your contraception will be sent with 24 hour delivery, and arrive in letterbox-friendly plain packaging.

Questions? You can talk to our team any time by replying to any one of the text messages we've sent you.

The availability of different contraception methods will vary based on where you live. This is down to how our services are funded. Find out more about how we're funded.

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