The non-hormonal coil as emergency contraception

The non-hormonal coil is a small T-shaped piece of copper and plastic. It sits in the womb and works as a contraceptive for up to 10 years.

If you get it fitted within 5 days after unprotected sex, or within 5 days of your earliest predicted date of ovulation, then it’s over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy and the most effective emergency contraception.

As you need to have it fitted by a doctor or a nurse practitioner with specialist training, it’s more complicated to arrange than simply ordering the emergency contraceptive pill.

But a big benefit is that it can be left in place to provide ongoing contraception.

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How to get the coil fitted

How does the coil work as an emergency contraceptive?

The non-hormonal coil works locally in the womb. It creates a very mild inflammatory reaction in the area. This is enough to stop sperm and eggs from surviving. It also stops eggs from implanting.

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When can you use the non-hormonal coil as emergency contraception?

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