The importance of International Lesbian Day

International Lesbian Day is held on the 8 October every year. It’s a day for lesbians across the world to come together to celebrate their culture and history. International Lesbian Day is also an important opportunity to raise awareness of the lesbian community.

The exact origins of International Lesbian Day are not clear. But we know that it almost certainly began in Australia or New Zealand. Many believe the day began in New Zealand, when the first Lesbian Day March was held on International Women’s Day, 8 March 1980.

10 years later, in Australia, the first International Lesbian Day event was held in Melbourne on 13 October 1990.

Over the years, International Lesbian Day has grown in popularity and recognition with many countries across the world holding events to celebrate and recognise this day.

How you can celebrate International Lesbian Day

Educate: Do what you can to understand and educate yourself on lesbian history. Learn about the experience of lesbians throughout time and society or watch films and read books by and about lesbians.

Recognise: International Lesbian Day is all about recognising the achievements, contributions and experiences of lesbians. It’s also important to recognise the challenges and hardships lesbians face day-to-day.

Attend: If you can, be sure to check out and attend any International Lesbian Day events in your area - whether these be rallies, marches or even online discussions.

To all of lesbian followers, friends, family members and colleagues: we hear you, see you and celebrate you. Happy International Lesbian Day!

Last updated at: 02 February 2024
Published on: 11 October 2023